I quickly turn your sermon series into a self-published book and ebook on Amazon.

  Simple, easy process

  Save time

  I'll handle the tech

  Give as a gift for visitors

  Give sermons new life

   Expand your ministry

Amazon's KDP has CHANGED THE GAME of publishing!

It has never been easier to get your message out.

Hi! I'm Rosie Osborne. 

I’ve been an executive assistant to lead pastors. 
So, I have a pretty good idea of what your world looks like. 

It is busy, sometimes chaotic, and people expect 
a LOT from you! Sometimes running a church gets messy, 
but what really matters is getting the Gospel MESSAGE out!

You want to spread the good news of JESUS and take care of your flock, but there are so many things that need to be done!

This is where I come in. 

I can help you publish your sermons on Amazon, so you can reach more people, change more lives and make a greater impact, while you focus on what only YOU can do in your church.

I have been trained in Bible, theology, church history
and apologetics. So, I understand the material.

AND you never have to wonder about the status of your book. I send weekly status updates until your book is out in the world.

No stress.

Let's get started!

(I do this part for you.)


per sermon in your book 
For example: A 5-sermon book would cost $1,250.

  • Includes ISBN cost. Half of the total due up front; the other half due upon completion.
  • Cover design is a $100 add-on. 
  • You'll get weekly updates until the book is published.
  • You keep all royalties and rights to the book.

© Copyright 2020 
Columbus, GA

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